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Theological Foundations III

Letters of Endorsement

A letter from the monks of the Rosarian Monastery in South India:

Rosarian Monastery
Annai Asharam
South India

Dear Dr. Mark,

   Greetings in the Lord. I was delighted to get a copy of Vox Populi Mariae Mediatrici of August 22, 1999. We monks are specially dedicated to Mother Mary, Lady of the Rosary having perpetual Rosary 24 hours of the day and night and try to spread the devotion to Her.

   Please do send us the leaflets, books, pamphlets, and aluminum medals for free distribution before 2000 A.D. We must spread the fame of Our Mother Mary.

   May God bless your mission. Yours in J. M. J.

Rev. S. Thomas, C.R.

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